What is a Workplace Health Needs Assessment?

A Workplace Health Needs Assessment is a systematic review of the health and wellbeing issues facing the business. It will help in the following ways

  • Recognize areas in which the organisation already has positive wellbeing interventions
  • Allow identification of areas where health improvements might be beneficial
  • Identify priorities and available resources
  • Plan workforce wellness strategy while taking account of the business culture
  • Establish polices that are in place and those that need creation or alteration
  • Helps to consider needs of minority groups (e.g. those with underlying health issues)
  • Establishes that legislative surveillance is in place where exposures to work hazards require
  • Allows development of relevant training and communication strategies
  • Establish monitoring and review requirements

The aim is to improve overall workforce wellbeing. This in turn will assist morale, attendance and productivity as well as potentially reduce staff turnover and associated costs.

What is involved in a needs assessment?

This will involve a number of steps:

  1. Establishing the business profile (identifying the nature of the business and employee demographics)
  2. Assessing current wellness strategy within the organisation
  3. Analysing absence trends and reasons for absence
  4. Identifying what polices currently exist and how effective they are
  5. Reviewing risk assessments and risk reduction measures, where exposures to work hazards exist
  6. Assessing current surveillance measures and outcomes
  7. Creating and communicating out an appropriate report
  8. Communication between all relevant stakeholders

The outcomes of a workforce health needs assessment should then involve strategic level meetings and communication to develop an action/implementation plan to benefit the business.

Occua Ltd would be pleased to assist this process for your business.

Useful Resources:
Public Health England tool

Workplace Wellbeing Charter: Workplace Health assessment

Managing Attendance

group meeting
It is estimated that absence costs the UK economy around £17.3 billion a year.
Around 2-3% of the working population is off sick each day. This results in some 40 million lost working days every year. It could be better!

Reasonable Adjustments for Disabilities

Employers are expected to make reasonable adjustments to support individuals who are, or are likely, to be covered under the Equality Act (for disability). This includes making reasonable adjustments for job applicants, contract workers, trainees, apprentices and business partners, so they are not seriously disadvantaged when applying for, or undertaking their job roles.
What is a Reasonable Adjustment?

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