Aerial view of an office workplaceWhile it is the legal responsibility of the employer to carry out health and safety related risk assessments on work activity (Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999). Sometimes a person’s specific health issues might require specialised occupational health support, to allow the organisation to consider health related risk reduction measures.
Occupational health workplace assessments can be conducted for a variety of reasons and in diverse work settings, they are not confined to office environments. Such an assessment would usually be collaborative for best outcomes and might involve individual employees, managers, health and safety representatives or human resources advisors. Below are some examples:

  • Where musculoskeletal health difficulties impact on a worker or there is a need for ergonomic adjustments (such as use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) in an office environment or repetitive tasks on an assembly line)
  • Where a chronic condition (e.g. multiple sclerosis) is impacting upon work ability or role and additional reasonable adjustments might need consideration
  • To assist a safety advisor to conduct specific risk assessments in relation to physical tasks
  • To assist an organisation in assessing and reducing psychological risks (e.g. stress)
  • Where the employer might need advice in relation to specific tasks where exposures to workplace health hazards exist (e.g. thermal environments, chemical sensitizers and noise)

An outcome report would usually be provided following such an assessment to allow consideration of recommendations for improvements. This can support individual employees as well as the organisation overall. It is advisable for organisations to review their risk assessments from time to time, taking into account technological advances that might reduce wellbeing risks, as well as individual employee needs.
If you think a specialist workplace assessment will help with further risk reduction measures and support your business, contact Occua for further information and advice.

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