Wellness at Work | Occua
Wellness at Work | Occua

A good employer will recognize that wellness at work is a major influence on employee behaviour and productivity. Employees perform much better if they have good physical and mental health. Company reputation can be enhanced when stakeholders implement positive health initiatives throughout the company infrastructure.

Advancing age of the workforce, inappropriate lifestyle choices and chronic disease can all impact on employee capability. Simple initiatives and early interventions can be very effective and help prevent longer term complications on employees as well as on the business. Research demonstrates that companies that activity promote and facilitate a healthy workplace and workforce experience a reduction in sickness absence costs as well as higher overall productivity and morale.

Workplace Wellbeing Award

Why not consider the Workplace Wellbeing Award for your organisation. Occua would be happy to assist with this. For more details see http://www.wellbeingcharter.org.uk/index.php

Other Wellness at Work Resources

Type 2 diabetes self-assessment
Take this quick and simple test to find out if you’re at risk of type 2 diabetes. Please note, this tool may not be accurate for anyone undergoing treatment for diabetes.

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