Where Health at Work Legislation may be settledBusinesses are obliged to operate under a considerable amount of complex Health at Work Legislation. This includes

  • Health & Safety legislation
  • Employment law including Working Time Regulations
  • Equality Legislation and Human Rights
  • Data Protection legislation
  • Environmental legislation

Collaborative working between Senior Management, Human Resources (HR), Health & Safety (H&S) and Environmental advisors as well as Equality Diversity, Union representatives and trainers will all ensure your business is operating within up to date Health at Work Legislation.
Occupational Health (OH) is a uniquely placed profession that provides a variety of advisory services to employees and employers in relation to the maintenance of positive health at work. There is a two-way relationship between impacts of work on health as well as effects of a worker’s health of their ability to work and the OH role includes preventative as well as protective elements.
Occupational health can play a crucial part in supporting your business to comply with Health at Work Legislation. While it is the employer’s duty to identify (through risk assessment) health hazards arising from work activity and take appropriate risk reduction measures. Occupational health can help in several ways, this includes:

  • Being well informed regarding Health at Work Legislation to offer appropriate advice
  • Being competent to assist in health-related risk assessment and risk reduction measures
  • Assessing fitness for role and offering suggestions for support through pre-work assessment
  • Giving guidance on and undertaking suitable health surveillance where exposures to workplace hazards exist
  • Identification of vulnerable individuals and ability to offer suggestions for reasonable adjustments
  • Offering training in relation to reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Assisting with training in relation to health risk reduction where work hazards exist

Contact Occua if you need help with health-related matters to ensure compliance with Heath at Work Legislation.

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