Where an employee’s health impacts on their ability to work in some way (or vice versa) they might need specialist support. This is called occupational health (OH) case management.case management face to face interview

  • Are you concerned about the health of one of your employees?
  • Has one of your employees had a lot of absence or are they underperforming?
  • Does an employee need reasonable adjustments?
  • Do you need to refer an employee for some wellbeing support?


  • Are you an employee in need of some support at work for a health issue?

All of the above may be reasons for an occupational health referral. This is a simple process whereby an individual (employee) is referred (usually by a Human Resource person) to an Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) for an appointment.

You need to be set up on the Occua portal to access referral pages. Please contact Occua to arrange for this.


The appointment might take place over the telephone or face to face. See FAQs. The appointment will involve confidential discussion about aspects that impact on the wellbeing of the individual. The discussions will allow open conversations about support needs as well as encouraging self-help measures where applicable. The OHA will create a written report (with employee consent) that is then sent to the employer.

Case Management Reports

The report is advisory only but will offer some suggestions that might be considered in the workplace to assist the individual with their health-related needs. These might include minor changes to working patterns, tasks or hours for a defined period, additional equipment, training or time off for specific health related appointments or other reasonable adjustments


Recommendations may also be offered to enable the individual to support their own health better. The referring HR/manager is encouraged to discuss the report with the employee and consider what practical measures can be implemented or supported at work.

Case management can be used in any of the following situations:

  • Returning to work after a period of absence due to ill health
  • Identified health symptoms needing support (even if the individual has not been absent)
  • Concerns raised by employer (or by the employee themselves) about coping ability in role
  • Known underlying chronic illness impacting on work role, attendance or performance
  • Need to understand if Equality Legislation is likely to apply to an individual and if so what reasonable adjustments might be considered.
  • Wellbeing, health or behavioural aspects identified that are impacting on work
  • Advice received from the individual’s GP/specialist indicating that an OH referral might assist

If you are a manager needing advice about how to support a particular employee (or an employee yourself in need of support) contact Occua to discuss options.

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