Occua provides a range of Occupational Health Services including management referral and reasonable adjustments/return-to-work support when people are unwell and away from work, health surveillance and initiatives to help promote wellness in the workplace and prevent ill health

Occua is run by an experienced Independent Occupational Health Advisor predominantly working with Small and Medium sized businesses in Wiltshire and the surrounding counties of Somerset, Hampshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, and Gloucestershire.

Services are varied and depend on business needs and can include ad hoc or occasional work as well as more regular contractual options, telephone or site visits for face to face assessments.

Occupational health is a service increasingly being encouraged by the government for all businesses. The aims of occupational health are to assist businesses to enhance employee health leading to improved productivity and business performance.

Many larger companies have had access to occupational health (OH) services for a long time. Now support is increasingly available to smaller businesses.

Wellbeing at Work

This, and other health-related films, are available to purchase from The Team Doctor site at teamdoctor.org

Do you know how much ill-health cost your business last year?

Contact Occua for a no-obligation discussion to see how we can help you keep your workforce at work.

The Occua Client Portal

This gives the manager a fast easy, method of referring an employee for occupational health support and allows safe transfer of data (between Occua and the business) that is compliant with Data Protection (GDPR). A personal dashboard gives “at a glance” status of OH activities and in-built consent processes save time and ensure transparency.

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